2016, 21 febbraio

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Colibrì CMS

Still in development, a ligtweight and highly configurable CMS ever made.


  • portable: it's based on SQLite, so... the database is a file which doesn't need any other software resource to run! you can place it in the root or in a sub-directory of your web space and it will work
  • free: released under GPL v.2 license.
  • the CMS has an awesome integrated file manager (configurable in its config.php), in which you can store and organize all your [allowed] files.
  • tinyMCE editor, to make you feel comfortable with the most common editor in the world
  • you can create as many image albums as you like, and link them to any page.
  • the CMS comes with a built-in template. You can easily add your own. In every template you can specify how to create images from uploaded ones (thumbnails, different sizes for responsiveness...) and you can create even your custom editor
  • standard template responsive and SEO ready (use it as an example)
  • simple built-in email sender (phpmail)
  • integrated google recaptcha verification antispam! All you need is your private and public keys.
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