Population Simulation

A little experiment to observe the behavior of a population growth.

What is it?


How to make it work:

Meaning example:

Think to each TOWN as an undergraduate human body containing an amount of virus, surrounded by other infected undergraduate. How much time will be required to cure the illness - changing the parameters of his propagation through town and the infection expansion speed - to be eliminated?


It should work well with all modern browsers, old browsers should be supported too, if not for the animation.
The process is very CPU intensive the more PEOPLE are active in the same time.
Tests with my NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M, Intel Core i5-2410M give this results: only Google Chrome has the power to merge animation and computation together, even with over 200 entities moving in the screen. Opera is equal to Crome, so no great differences. Astonishing, Internet Explorer is quite good and can manage about 100 entities. Firefox is inesplicably the worse, and can move fluidly only 10 entities, more are too much.
Since the history is recorded every POPULATION you initialize, the more iterations you made the slower the script will become.

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